*As of 2018 we have permanently retired from our Catering Business and are no longer taking events. You can find us at Feasting at Home, a seasonal, whole foods recipe blog!  

Welcome to Feast!  We specialize in fresh, seasonal and flavorful cuisine and full-service catering to Spokane and North Idaho areas. We are fully mobile and can bring our kitchen to you. Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception, an upscale business event, a holiday party, a casual gathering in your backyard or dazzling 500 of your best clients at your corporate headquarters, we will help you create the event of your dreams.


My name is Sylvia Fountaine - some of you may know me by my former name (Wilson), from my former restaurant Mizuna, located in downtown Spokane, WA.  After selling the restaurant in 2007,  I started Feast Catering Co. with my husband Brian Fountaine.


Food is always vibrant, fresh and flavorful. Our philosophy is based on using the freshest, seasonal ingredients --locally grown as much as possible. Selecting high-quality ingredients, which are in season, picked at their peak, is our secret for creating delicious food. 

We have many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options... so please make sure to let us know if this is important to you, and we will create a menu just for you! 

We have found, the secret to great catering is having your food prepared on-site, as close to serving time as possible. This means, whenever possible, we grill your meats and veggies on-site, rather than holding them warm for hours before serving it to your guests (resulting in over-cooked "airplane food"). We serve things fresh and hot, right off the grill, by creating our own mobile kitchen wherever we go! 


We are committed to supporting local farmers and producers throughout the inland Northwest and proudly offer a Farmers Market Dinners and Farm-to-Table Dinners featuring the best of local ingredients.  Please see our sample menus! 


From casual gatherings.... to formal events, Feast will work with you to create the perfect menu based on your vision and budget. Events of all sizes are welcome….intimate gatherings of 30 people all the way up to large scale events of 1500 people.

For weddings and large events, I highly recommend working with an event planner. Their expertise can actually save you money, connect you with other vendors, and create a stress free, beautifully cohesive, event where you don't have to manage all the millions of details. It's kind of like building a house. You can be your own general contractor to try to save a little money, or you can hire one. In the end, you will end up probably paying the same, only with less of a headache when you hire out.  We want you to actually have fun at your own event. And your mom to have fun too. Please look at our vendor page and just give  a call for an idea on what they can do for you.

The format that you decide upon sets the overall mood and feel of your whole event. 

A "Modern Cocktail Party" event offers guests upscale appetizers (either passed on trays, or at food stations ) with enough to replace a full meal, while encouraging guests to socialize, walk around and mingle, rather than be seated next to one person for the whole dinner. Not only is this lots of fun for guests, but it's also a great opportunity for people to meet, socialize and network with each other. This is very popular with corporate and business functions as well as wedding receptions. Guests truly love the upbeat, social and energetic vibe.

"Casual Gathering" menu provides lite and affordable appetizers at a fixed food station, where guests can nibble at their leisure. This promotes mingling in a very low key and relaxing way, great for open houses, new businesses and casual parties.

A sit-down, "Plated Dinner" is a little more formal, classic and elegant. Guests are seated in one spot for longer periods of time, with less socializing time, but will feel well taken care of, with personalized table service like you would receive at a fine dining restaurant --a luxurious treat for your guests. You can keep this simple and serve one course, or elevate this to several courses or even serve multi-course tasting menu with small plates. One of our favorite things we offer is a Chef's Tasting Menu, where there are multiple courses, but they are all a surprise.

A Buffet Style Meal -the most common- is both comfortable and familiar, allowing guests an opportunity to stretch their legs, get out of their chairs and mingle a little bit. It creates a more casual, comfortable feel. As much as many of us cringe at the word "buffet",  it really makes guests feel at ease and creates a very warm relaxing social environment. This is also the most affordable way to feed dinner to a crowd.

Our family-style meal is where platters of food are brought to the guest's tables and the guests serve themselves, passing platters around the table. Often we use wooden farm tables, put together to create a long tables of 20 to 30 people, reminiscent of what you would see in Tuscany, Provence or on a farm. Visually, this is my personal favorite. This is a new fun popular trend in dining. Semi-formal in feel,  it invites warm interaction and connectivity amongst guests. There are some added costs which I can explain in detail if you are interested in this.

We also offer Drop off Catering, where platters or boxes of food are simply dropped off at your location. Please inquire.

In addition, we also offer Full BAR Services, including a full bar, wine and beer only, and offer both hosted and no-host bars with licensed bartenders. We are fully insured. Please inquire.

Catering pricing is primarily composed of 3 parts:
food costs, server costs and rental costs.

No matter which caterer you go with, remember, these are always built into the price, but sometimes it just looks different. And always remember, you really do get what you pay for. 

FOOD~ All of our food pricing is clearly listed on our menus. The price is the same no matter what format you choose, but staffing needs can vary. For example, you will need more staff or "attendants" to handle a seated, individually plated dinner with table service, compared to a buffet-style dinner.

BAR-  We now have a full-service liquor license (and insurance)  and can provide you with a full bar or just wine and beer bar. Ask for pricing. We can also serve alcohol that you provide.

ATTENDANTS ~Servers and licensed bartenders are $25 per hour for their services. In general, we suggest one server per 35 guests for buffet service or cocktail party-style event,  and 1 server per 20 guests for a plated sit down dinner or family-style dinner.  The servers we work with are truly amazing- professional, efficient and friendly. They are people you will enjoy having at your event.
*And remember, you may not need any servers, especially if food is just dropped off, or picked up.

RENTALS ~Disposable plates, silverware and napkins are free (included in the food pricing), but real china will need to be rented. Depending on how elaborate your event is, this may run anywhere between $1-$4 per person. We use EVENT-RENTS and you can view their pricing and options online. They deliver and pick up dishes -dirty- no need to wash or rinse. We can arrange rentals for you or you can, your choice.


THE FIRST STEP - Let's see if your date is available. Our wedding dates book a year (or two!)  in advance, so plan early. Send us an EMAIL or give us a quick call at  509-879-9568.  If we don't answer, we are probably catering, so leave a detailed message including your event date, where the event will be, and the number of guests you estimate. We will get back to you.  If we can not accommodate your date, we will recommend other caterers to you.

TO BOOK-  We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your date. Because we only do one wedding or event per day, we generally book way in advance.  Once we make initial contact, we can either meet in person, or do a phone consult or even communicate via email if it's easier. We will come up with a menu together -specifically for you that meets your needs.

In the meantime, look at our SAMPLE MENUS for food format, ideas and pricing. Remember that these menus are totally customizable, and are there just to give you an idea. We can change the actual menu items. Using these as guides, you can start establishing your budget and overall feel of the event.

Look at our vendor page for the best event planners, venues, farm table rentals, cake bakers, and photographers.

If you want to begin choosing your specific menu items, feel free to peruse our FULL MENUS, but be warned, these can be overwhelming will all the choices!

We can take care of as much as you want us to- all the little details, from rentals, staffing, set up and clean up…. so you can relax and enjoy your own event.


We are committed to helping local non-profit organizations through various programs we offer. We have worked with The Big Table, Women Helping Women, The Spokane Farmers Market, The Guild School, Center for Justice, Spokane Culinary Institute, donating our services and helping to raise money. Contact us to discuss how we can help you create a fundraising event that is both profitable and delicious.

To see our unedited list of client reviews on google, or to write a review of your own, click here.
Visit our BLOG, Feasting at Home for recipes and cooking inspiration.

*As of 2018 we have permanently retired from our Catering Business and are no longer taking events. You can find us at Feasting at Home, a seasonal, whole foods recipe blog!